After All The Synching Problems With The Last Update Does It Actually Work in Pro 2?

Just want to congratulate you guys for making a manual this time. I’ve been struggling for the past 3 years using Djay Pro without a manual (which you guys can see in this forum). I know the big problem we had last year was that the sync button stopped working for many of us with the last update. Is this now resolved with Pro 2? Honestly I just learned to do it manually (which is probably better) but would still like to know if this problem was addressed with this new Pro version.

I see they now have 2 sync buttons for each deck. I have not had time to check it out, but I am hoping one sync button turns sync on and off and the other attempts to resync. I do not think they ever quite understood the nuance of this issue. Hopefully, the djapro2 has fixed this!