After Djay pro app store upgrade mixtrack pro's midi stopped working.

running mac 10.9.5 and tested on 10.10.2 machine. After upgrading from the app store djay pro doesn’t work with my mixtrack pro. It detects a new midi device and then assigns it virtual device 1. If you disconnect and reconnect then it assigns virtual device 2 and so on. What do I do? It was working before I upgraded! Audio does work so it seems to be a midi issue.

not sure what I did but it works now. I was in the djay pro app, pulled out my usb cable. Plugged it back in (which did nothing on the screen) then restarted djay pro. After I saw the numark logo and a window asked to configure my numark device. I hit ok and now it seems to work.

using djay pro 1.0.2

Hi Saleem,

If this comes up again, please reach out to support(at)

Algoridden needs to get their act together w Yosemite upgrade. There re numerous problems… had a disaster at several events. lesson is stick w a backup machine running Mavericks and DJay original until ALGORIDDEN takes this seriously… they have cornered the mac market almost.

A good time for a competitor to challenge them - I know I would switch instantly to something that works!

Customer support is as important as product features… RELIABILITY is second to customer support. Algoridden has failed here.