After mix effects

Hey guys,

I love Djay. Surrounded by a lot of friends being DJ @ Ego, Uebel & Gefaehrlich, Universum or Kindergarten I am the only one not using Traktor.
I really feel confortable with djay.

But, is there any program one can install between djay and the output in order to manipulate the music?

I am aware of hardware but am looking for software solutions. Software which maipulates the mixed music by djay before outputting.

Thanks for answers.

Hi Anthony,

I assume you don’t mean just audio FX like Echo or Flanger? On the Mac, you can use one of the Audio Unit Effects. Click on “Table-1” (or 2) and go to “Audio Unit Effects”.

sorry, just found your answer,

you are right, I am not looking for the Audio Unit Effects but for a manipulating program before output.

I assume that this isn’t possible, is it?