AIODJ CABLES / The best split cables for DJAY APP

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Now you can purchase two AIODJ diferent split cable models, NORMAL or PRO GOLD DELUXE EDITION - Please check our website


Only one cable for all conectors, length 128 cm.

Gold plated Jack 3,5 female for headphones output cable length 65cm / Gold plated Rca ́s master output cable length 150cm / Usb data-charge cable length 150cm.
High quality cable shielded, Gold plated RCA ́S and JACK connector ́s, With separate cables and longer for comfort.

Please check all details in our website

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Great product.

Quoting my comment from old forum:

[normal] Audio Split Cable
IN -> 3.5mm iPhone/iPad headphone
OUT -> 3.5mm sound out
OUT -> 3.5mm female pre-cue out

[Gabi’s AIODJ] Audio Splitter Cable
IN -> 30pin dock connector
OUT -> male usb for charging iPhone/iPad
OUT -> left rca sound out
OUT -> right rca sound out
OUT -> 3.5mm female pre-cue out
If you are using any type of professional audio equipment such as a mixer, home stereo system, or external sound card, you are likely going to need the rca’s. Rather than getting a bunch of adapter cables, this one has almost everything you need build right in. Only thing I would need is a 3.5mm male to 1/4" male for my pre cue to plug into my mixer. This cable makes life easier.

*side note to algoriddim

I can’t edit my last comment above to include a paragraph break where I forgot one. This new “forum” blows!

Sorry Gabi to get off note, but I had to. I don’t understand why they switched to this new system.

Hopefully they can design a split cable for the USB so Vjay can be use for VGA and also charging for the iPad.

Dear Gabi, any plan building one for Vjay?

Dear Members,

Please share here your experience using our AIODJ cables whit Djay app, thank you.

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Dear Keil, Thank you for your description of our product.

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I just purchased one about an hour ago, I can’t wait to recieve and review them!

I received the cables exactly 7 days after purchase when it was suppose be 20-30 BUSINESS days!! I got the pro cables for $67 and was a bit skeptical at first whether it was worth the money or not but I love it! The build quality is good and sound quality is good. The sound quality isn’t the best on the headphones but you’re the only one that’s going to hear it so it’s no big deal.