Airplay and Headphones for cueing songs

Here’s my story. I built a nice outdoor covered backyard with outdoor speakers and use Airplay for my app since my Onkyo receiver is inside my bedroom. Now, I want to use the Pioneer Dj DJJ 200 to mix when I play outside, however, I saw videos around the Audio Split where it comes out of my Iphone and one goes to the Headphones the output to a speaker? First off, just connect to one of my 4 speakers? And how does it output to Airplay? HELP!!!

With airplay it would be impossibile due to latency. Live mixing is a time precise job. In Automix mode however, it should work fine.
Anyway you can plug a cable directly in your receiver using the split cable.
It’ll work fine.

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Hi @Tigere, welcome to our community.

Unfortunately due to system limitations it’s technically not possible to combine AirPlay with other outputs on iOS. Additionally, as mentioned by @tchesco, AirPlay adds latency which makes it unsuitable for live mixing. I would also recommend trying to find a way to use cables to connect your amp/speakers.

Hope that helps.

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Thanks so much for sharing. I ended up purchasing 25’ of a 3.5mm to 2-Male RCA Adapter Audio Stereo Cable and connecting them to my receiver and it worked. Understood the airplay latency and never again!

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