AirPlay and pre-cue with headphones conected to ipad line out

Is it possible to use AirPlay and precueing at same time? Send the master track to a speakers by AirPlay and precueing track in the headphones conected to a iPad.

Hello, is there any progress on this?. This is the first missing feature that I noticed when yesterday I bought both djay 2 for iphone and ipad.

Thanks, is there any DJ device (Numark, Pioneer…) that may bypass this restricción?

Hi Paco,

It is not possible to use AirPlay together with the iPad’s built-in output.

At the moment, it’s not allowed/possible to use AirPlay with any other outputs, that’s why.

No changes in iOS 8 so far. It’s still not possible.

No, there’s no way to bypass this restriction.

Too bad, huh!

Why not?

Yes why not

This would be a good feature

I totally agree. This is a MUCH needed feature.

Griffin DJ Cable connected to iPad with headphones.
Other end with nothing plugged in.
Master sound out to AirPlay speakers.

Will this EVER be supported? Doesn’t seem too hard…

Same problem here. I have two Airplay devices in two different rooms and I’d like to pre-cue over headphones. I also tried Airfoil, doesn’t work. It really sucks…

I did some investigation by myself given my developer background. The following describes workarounds on OS X 10.10.1 (Yosemite) -

I was able to have (at least in iTunes) the same output on headphones connected to my laptop via 3.5mm (Sound presences -> output to Headphones) AND two different Airplay devices (controlled in iTunes via the multiple output control).

The settings are shifting a bit so once I set headphones as output in Sound and the Airplay devices mute - so you have to re-set the setting. But it worked.

So - what are the restrictions?