airplay does not appear on djay pro - MacBook Pro

Hello, I just bought djay pro for may MacBook Pro touch bar. My B&O speakers are connecting well via airplay on Spotify as well as on iTunes. However, the airplay symbol does not appear on djay. Can you please help me to solve the problem? If it is not possible I would like to return the license. Cheers, Titus

Hi there,

can you tell us which MacBook and operating system you are using?

Cheers,Lukas E.

Thank you for the follow up. 
Is AirPlay activated, unfortunately we don’t have these speakers at our office so I can’t check this out.
Do they also have a Bluetooth function?
Lukas E.

I am using
MBP 15.4 Space Grau/2.7 GHZ/RP 455/512GB
Artikelnummer: MLH42D/A
Seriennummer: C02SRAX9GTFM
Rückgabedatum: 08. Jan 2017
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and the current IOS
10.12.1 (16B265