Akai AMX

Just got the AMX controller from AKAI. I’ve configured it via MIDI learn, but when I try to move a knob, or a fader, the program seems to have a problem with the MIDI messages. It glitches! If I try to fade a song or adjust the bass, it has a glitch in the audio and wherever the software visually moves on the computer screen, it has a visual glitch as well. This is a glitch in audio as well as the GUI. Please Help. djay PRO on Mac. Latest update on both djay, and Mac OSX.

Hi Alex,

Notice I just published a full mapping for the AKAI AMX with all layers, LED feedback and everything behaving like on Serato, except some minor stuff.

See my dedicated post about it : http://community.algoriddim.com/algor…

I did notice an issue while mapping the faders then I realized that when you learn the messages of the faders, each faders sends two messages, you need to always map only the first message and delete the second one. That allowed me to have the faders mapped properly.

Let me know if you tested and if you like my mapping.