AKAI Professional APC 40 or similar to use with looper

I would like to use some hardware where I could both map some pads for the looper, but also som knobs for the neural mix volumes.
I am using a Denon MC7000 as a 2-deck controller, assigning the deck 3 and 4 knobs to neural. But when I need additional sources i need some more knobs to map.

Check out the Midi Fighter 3D and Midi Fighter Twister from DJ Techtools. The 3D has 16 arcade buttons with multiple banks that you could easily map to control the Looper. The Twister is very similar, but with 16 encoders that also act as buttons. They probably even have some DJay midi mappings on their website. I’ve owned two of their older Midi Fighters and they are extremely well built and really nice to use.

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