ALAC support for Djay Pro iOS

Hi Algoriddim,
I purchased Djay Pro for use on iPad.
Great product, and beatifull interface.

However, mis the ability to play Alac files. It displays that it is not supported.
My music catalog is bases on the pro audio format Alac, which in fact is the uncompressed lossless audio quality.
And also on iPad this is a normal supported format, also Traktor iOS DJ can play alac. (But Traktor on iPad is not that professional tool and interface, so prefer to do sets with Djay Pro).

So my question is; are there plans to integrade alac support in Djay Pro?
Then it will become a more pro tool.

And when Will this be implemented?

Hi Rberge,

so your ALAC files are playable in the iPad’s Music App but not in djay?
Can you tell us where did you purchase them and send us one exemplary file via

Thank you in advance.

Lukas E.

Hi Rberge,

you can send us the wetransfer link, that would help us tons.

Lukas E.

Hi Lukas,
I captured the ALAC files myself from my CD collections, I ripped the CD’s in ALAC format. They can be played by iTunes and also Traktor iOS dj app.
These files (captures of 12" maxi singles from cd) are really big to send via email, or do you have an upload share somewhere?

It says “Could not load track”

OSStatus error 2003334207.

Lukas, I did sent you 2 files via wetransfer. Regards