Album Artwork

New to Community…
Love the Djay 2 app for iPhone and iPad
Question: Is there a way to reset the Album Artworks (i.e. iPhone)
Why? A good amount of Album Artworks are wrong but the Album Artworks on my MacBook Pro’s iTunes are all correct…Hmmmm
What’s the best way to resolve this problem?
Many Thanx in Advance…Cheers

Yes, both MacOS and iOS are up to date firmware.

the weird part is that iTunes album art cover are correct…obviously!!!
iPhone album art is fine too
But, iPad album art is wacked out/not good…
about 85% correct and 15% different album cover art work
what should I do? delete app and reinstall? would that fix issue?
BTW iPad is 3rd generation, working fine but running with last firmware update of iOS

Sorry, forgot to answer the important question…
Yes, I sync my iDevices via iTunes and all firmware always updated to latest available.

Thx for trying…i’ll Just leave with it…

Are you syncing that phone to your Mac through iTunes?

I mean that if you are syncing your iOS device directly to your Mac via iTunes. Your iOS device is going to have the album artwork that iTunes has. And since your djay via Mac has the right album artwork, that djay via Mac is getting those via iTunes.

But do you sync them through iTunes?

I’ve been trying to figure this one out.
Had a similar problem, but it went away on it’s own.
Sorry, wish I had an answer.