Album Artworks is not appeared on cue list

Recently I update djay pro 2 ver 2.1.4 to 2.2.4.
And suddenly a part of music artwork is not appeared on the cue list.

More precisely, it is appeared before moving the music from the library list on left, but not on the cue list when i moved.
Furthermore, those musics are recently purchased from itunes.
Do you have any idea to solve this ?

Hi @shizkaendo,

Welcome to our new Community. We appreciate you bringing this up here.

I’ve just tried to reproduce this on our devices here, but wasn’t able to do so. Could you please tell me if this happens with all of your songs or only specific songs? And is this only happening in the iTunes / Music section of the music library in djay Pro 2, or does it happen with songs from other sections of the library?

If possible, please share a screenshot here so I can take a closer look.

Hello Emily, thank you for your swift reply.
The musics not appeared on cue list are only I purchased from itunes RECENTLY.
I attached the screen shot as below, please take a look.
Those upper ones on cue list are recently purchased. you can see the art works of same music on library list.

Lowers are old ones purchased from itunes as well.

Hi @shizkaendo,

Could you please try updating your software to the recently released version 2.2.5 and let me know if the same issue persists?

Today I updated 2.2.5, and not solved this problem unfortunately.
However I think I got a hint.
Here you can see two screenshots.
“Contigo O Sin Ti” I have recently purchased is not gotten the artwork at the folder where it set.
But “Te Quedas o Te vas” which I purchased 10 month ago, we can see its artwork at folder.
Of cause those artworks are visible on itunes and Djay pro’s library.
Hope you can solve this with my hint.


Hello Emliy,

you have some news about this?


Thank you for your follow up. We are inspecting the issue and will keep you posted.

Hello Lukas,

it seems 2.2.7 has not solved my problem.
Have some news about this?

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