Album cover (from tidal) instead of visualization


Would it be possible to introduce an option to show the album cover instead of visualization when playing a track without video. I’m using the MacOS version with Tidal integration. Tidal doesn’t have a music video for every track I’d like to play, but do have album covers in the meta tag of the track.
I’d sometimes prefer to show the album cover (I use a projector) to people attending a party instead of showing them the integrated visualization, so they know the name of the artist and song.



Hey @hjvdw80,

Thanks for reaching out about this feature request and for your ongoing support.

I’ve made sure that your feedback on having an option to show the album cover when playing a track from Tidal in video was brought to the attention of our development team for future consideration.

Please know that we greatly appreciate your feedback and suggestions, and our team must carefully consider and prioritize all feedback that we receive.

In addition, if other users also feel the feature you requested would be useful, we encourage them to vote on this topic thread as well so we have a better idea of the interest from others in our community.

Thanks again for your patience and your support!