Album covers are not displayed on iOS version of DJay Pro

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I have noted the following bug/issues DJay Pro music library on iOS. Once have synced Apple music library with my iPad, DJay Pro, some of the album covers are not displayed in library, but same covers are displayed correctly on macOS version of DJay Pro as in Apple Music library has.

Would be great to fix this somehow, or at least to get some message of reason, album cover why not displayed. So annoying…

I sometimes experience the same. It might help to, on your Mac in (née iTunes), open Info for the corresponding song, cut the album art, close the info dialog so it saves and then open the song again and paste the picture back. If that doesn’t help, open the song with an ID3 Tag editor like Kid3 and make sure everything looks correct in there.

I have tried re- tagging, resizing album covers, but doesn’t work. Still not displayed.

Last resort: Delete the track from your iOS device Inside, you can safely delete the track, it will come back once you sync with your Mac or computer again (always make sure you have backups in place either way, of course). After it comes back, it should have the missing album art.

Thanks for this suggestion, but I have tried this step too, unfortunately doesn’t work, but I have realise that, the album covers are missing from Music app too not only DJay.

Yes, album art does not consistently show up in djay Pro. Sometimes it works, but then there are many times where it doesn’t. Thankfully, it’s not a show-stopper, but it’s annoying.

iTunes/Apple Music
Part of the problem is that iTunes/Apple Music stores the album artwork in its own database, separate from the audio files. If you copy or move a file out of iTunes, you’ll notice it doesn’t have any artwork. It’s because the artwork is part of iTunes, not the audio file. All you can do is wait for iTunes/Apple Music to update itself and then eventually/hopefully djay Pro will “see” the album art. In addition, the internal iTunes artwork doesn’t transfer very well between machines, there are many times where I’ve had to re-download the artwork on my iPad even if it’s already there on my Mac. I’ve also encountered problems when transferring or re-creating the iTunes library on another machine and then needing to re-download the artwork all over again, even if I’ve physically copied the entire iTunes/Apple Music folder to the new machine. (Technically, you can go and find the hidden artwork database and transfer that.)

Embedded Artwork
As pointed out, the better way to do it is to embed the album art directly into the audio file. djay Pro does seem to have an easier time finding the artwork if it is embedded in the file. But while the results are better, I still get glitches when files are managed in iTunes/Apple Music, even when those files have embedded artwork!

Doug’s Apple Scripts - Re-Embed Artwork
This is the script I use for my files in iTunes/Apple Music. It takes the downloaded artwork in iTunes and embeds it directly into the audio file - so when you move or copy the file, the artwork is part of the file.

MP3Tag Copy/Paste
In MP3Tag, you can copy/paste artwork directly into your audio files (600x600 pixels is a good size).

Thanks Michael for deep reply. I’m clear your aboves I have already did everything, I’m using iTunes for creating playlist and keep organized my song library. Also, I have use Yate, and Meta tag editors, all the bunch of songs have been tagged with these two editor and works fine. It seems the mp3 file has some damage, I will re-save them and I will see it what will happen.

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I have re-saved those 8 songs in mp3 44,1kHz 320kbs, and now all the album covers show up in DJay iOS! So, I don’t know have any clues, what happened with those files.


I noticed this issue aswell and the culprit is

I saw tracks without cover on my iPad which surely have embedded artwork on my Mac (used Doug´s script on all tracks).
I searched the track in on my Mac, played it for a second until the cover appeared in I closed and synced my iPad again.
After this, the cover art was shown on and djay pro.

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That’s good to hear. What was the original format/data rate of those 8 tracks?

some of them was mp3 48kHz 320kbs, but I have 48kHz songs and those ones are works fine…

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Tengo la solución (I have the solution)
Este problema me sucedió cuando cambie mi equipo (MacBook Pro), al cambiar por uno mas actual la librería cambio.
La soluciòn fue la siguiente, abrir la aplicación “music” y en la playlist y el visualización ver como playlist, después esperar hasta que las portadas aparezcan en cada canción.
Despues, abrir DjayPro y aparecerán.

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