Alesis IO Dock Support?


The title says it all: does Djay support the Alesis IO Dock with all the new audio routing stuff in ios 6?

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Similar Question… let me rephrase from my perspective:

The Alesis IO-Dock let’s you control the main-out and the headphone-out seperatly on the right side of the device. Can i utilize this possibility with the iPad DJ-App running iOS 6?

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Has someone tried to use the alesis iO dock as an audio interface only?

We don’t have an IO dock here to test with vjay, but if the IO dock has a video out, then technically it should also work with vjay.

What happens when you press “Cancel”? It’s not a supported controller but you should be able to use it as an audio interface.

… and will VJay also using the video composite output of the Alesis IO dock?

No support for alesis idoc 2


main out works in stereo perfectly, headphones works perfectly and separately to do mixes as usual by a dj job in Djay and Vjay, but i has not tried to control thru the MIDI input 5pin Din or USB MIDI ports, in order to control since a MIDI comands controller sender as my keyboard controller cause I am a musician and use playbacks effects to perform in my live shows not exactly as a dj do but as a keyboard player that use playbacks. Does anybody knows if MIDI control via IO Dock its possible to run Vjay-Djay (IO Dock + Ipad 2 + IOS 8.4?

The IO Dock II works as an audio interface. The 1/4 stereo line outs are nice. And it charges the iPad while in use.

But, it does not support pre-cueing in djay iOS or any other software for that matter. So close and yet so far! I use it as a 2nd backup deck while DJ’ing.

my iodockii stopped charging and sending audio out when I upgraded to ios9
after rebooting many times it is now recharging in the dock but no audio is being routed to the mixer and amp as before

any thoughts or suggestions?
fault in dock unit?
ios9 bug?