Algoriddim djay Pro for iPad Sync Fails.

Example –…

Example of successful 4 beat loop sync in djay 2 for iPad, followed by same 4 beat loop and failed sync in djay Pro for iPad.

I think there are also some pitch shifting problems. Not as evident in this video but in previous sessions in djay Pro I’ve noticed serious slowing and warbling of tracks during transitions from one song to the next.

I’ve also tested this same 4 beat loop and sync with the same two songs in djay for mac with success.

Currently djay Pro for iPad is unusable.

Yup! – Ben J (Featuring Teefli)
Do You Like It – Puff Daddy (Featuring Jay-Z) (four beat loop in mix)

iPad Air 2. 128GB
Running iOS 9.2.1

They definitely have sync issues with DJay Pro for iPad, I had to send them two tracks that would not perfect sync in DJay Pro at all but have no problem doing it in DJay 2