Algoriddim Hardware - DJ mixer, controller

I found this…, (DJM S11, Rane etc. screen info not supported)

That’s shame on Pioneer and big manufactures ends! But the best way would be if Algoriddim start develop their own hardware, DJ Mixer, controller.

I know Reloop has some mixer for…but… I don’t know… their mixers are so ugly to me, :slight_smile: Sorry Reloop, you don’t have nice taste. The reason, many years ago I was start using DJay, was the design…( I’m an industrial designer :grin:) and I don’t want to switch to any DJ app, I want - and I know I’m not the only one- DJay would be the best DJ app… Currently DJay has some bottle-neck, like hardware support, function limitation (iOS, versus macOS), midi mapping to reach/rout amazing function, song preview is currently not my friend on iOS…so on.

So, guys, would you support Algoriddim if they would start develop their own hardware?

Thanks for the suggestion @DJ-Z. I’ve shared this with the dev team. Looking forward to seeing user interest in this idea.

Only if they really nail it. Which can be hard as you’ll need top expertise…

On the other hand I love what Ableton has done with the Push. Great piece of kit / work.