algoriddim reloop stopped charging and functioning.

Hi I have an algoriddim reloop mixtour. Recently it stopped charging and now when I plug the charger that came with the unit in it only ever lights up (dimly) the two ovr lights either side in red. Nothing else works on the unit, does anyone have any ideas what might be wrong? Prior top this the unit saw little use as it was part of a home system and used only occasionally during the week for an hour or so. Is there a way to reset to factory settings etc?

Hi, I don’t have one of these, but they are not manufactured by algoriddim - it sounds like a hardware issue so I’d suggest contacting reloop.

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I’m assuming you’re connecting it to an iPad or iPhone using the supplied Lightning to Din connector. Try connecting it to a Mac or Windows laptop via USB-A to B cable and see what happens. When connected to a computer it should be able to pull power from the USB connection. If this works, then it might just be the external power supply that’s dead. If so contact Reloop or the place you bought it from.

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