Algoriddim Support suggested I Post This Feature Request...

In the Looper Pack section - It would be nice to be able to import your own customized looper packs into the mixer in addition to the ones provided in DJAY. Loopcloud integration here would be amazing for example. Just an idea. Peace

Thank you @William_Newell for your suggestion.

Our loops are all quantised and have their distinguished BPM value in order guarantee synchronised playback. Providing a solution to guarantee synchronised playback with custom loops is therefore challenging.

Nevertheless, it would be nice to get feedback about the nice feature request and how other users would like to have their own looper packs integrated or created. Please feel free to upvote the thread and share your thoughts on the topic.

I figured it was something like that. I have been experimenting with customizing sample packs as covered in the manual. Is there a way to make the newly imported sounds loop within the grid? I guess that would be accomplishing something similar to what I’m describing but I don’t see the option to make them loop. Maybe I’ve overlooked something. Thanks

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