Algoriddm customer support via email

I’ve had a few issues that I’ve needed to contact customer support via email over the past few months.

Up unt I’ll last year I’d have said their service was excellent but now despite several messages I’ve had no replies?

Anyone else had the same problem?

From my experince, it depends on the issue. If it’s fixable they will respond to your emails. If the issue is a particularly difficult one to fix then they will ignore your emails. It’s the same on this forum as well. Issues get posted on here but the moderators only respond if it’s an issue that can be fixed.

Definitely both fixable issues

One is regarding a recurring education discount that had been applied for past 3 years but no response this time

And other is regarding sending the mapping for the numark NVii which exists based on a quick search on this forum when they’d often send it to people

Hi @Paddy_Callaghan,

Thanks for sharing your feedback in our community!

With the release of djay Pro v5.0 for Windows, Android, iOS, macOS, and v1.0 for Vision Pro, we have been very busy assisting a large assortment of users.

I apologize that you’ve experienced this and look forward to making sure that you get the assistance you deserve.

Feel free to reach out to me via Discourse direct message if I can be of any further assistance.

Did they send you a mapping?

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