Algorridim DJay for Ipad with the Numark Mixtrack Platinum FX

Hi - I’m trying to use my Numark Mixtrack Platinum FX with Djay for IOS on an Ipad and it isn’t recognised. I’m using the USB A camera adapter to connect it and it isn’t recognised in the Djay app.

Member sooteee write on Dec 20 this:

Try something like this from Amazon.

It’s a bit messy with wires everywhere (charging, midi, usb etc) but it works really well, allows you to connect to the iPad (whilst still charging it) and powers the midi controller at the same time.

I used one on my Numark and it still works on my SB3.

You’ll still need the camera adaptor though!

And as an added bonus it’s about 2 grand cheaper than buying a macbook air! :rofl:

Any queries give me a shout and I’ll drop you a photo of the correct way to set it up.


Please send me a photo from correct way, please

I’m in a private message with @mstylez77 discussing this. All good. :grin:

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