All my work mapping an unsupported controller has been lost

I’m not very happy about this…

I’ve been running DJay 5 on my Windows laptop since this morning, letting it analyse files and also spending time mapping my unsupported DDJ-RZ. Each time I added something to the mapping I made sure to click the ‘done’ button (assuming my work would be saved).

After a while, I wanted to just let the software carry on scanning files, so I turned off my controller.

Coming back later to add some more mapping, I find that most of what I did has vanished!

Why is the mapping not saved when an edit is made? Presumbly it only saves if the controller is left on and the sofware is shut down?

[UPDATE] It turned out the mapping was not deleted after all. I shut down and reopened DJay (so it would update the iTunes data) and the mapping is there.

Why it wasn’t displaying everything when I turned the controller back on, I have no idea.

Hi @PKtheDJ, thanks for the update. Glad you got it sorted out. I also recommend that you regularly backup your custom MIDI mappings and djayMediaLibrary database to the cloud or external storage.

Hi any chance you could share the mapping file you made please. Thanks :pray:t2:

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