Allen & Heath Xone:23C with DjayPro on MacOs

Hello, i didnt find any information aboute: does Allen Heath & Xone 23C work with Djaypro on Macos?

Where did you look? After reading your post, I was able to go online and find out all sorts of stuff.

What do you mean by “work with”? It’s a hardware mixer with a USB audio interface, so it will work as such with MacOS, and depending on your MacOS it may or may not require a driver.

It’s not a controller.

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Hi @Tomas1, please refer to the following FAQ articles regarding External Mixers:

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Xone:23C is a hybrid mixer, it works just fine.
Configure the software for “External Mixer” and then map the audio channels accordingly.
Make sure the channel inputs on the mixer are set for USB on channels 1 and 2, so you can hear what’s coming from the computer.


Hi, thank you- I wrote this question before buying the mixer, today I have already purchased it and I am very glad that I did not make a mistake with the choice - thanks to your answers, This is a fantastic mixer and together DjayPro with two denon lc6000 and Xone 23C you feel yourself on the big stage with a professional setup

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You’re welcome @Tomas1. Thanks for the follow up.

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So I launch djay pro, then connect and power on my mixer (Allen Heath Xone 23c).
Immediatly the softaware recognizes it, I switch to external mode as told to do so.
Next I go to configure midi, when prompted to move a control I get no response form the software

Hi @castany006, this is expected behavior when using an external mixer. The majority of the controls on an external mixer like the EQ knobs and Faders control the actual hardware not the software. This is different from using a DJ MIDI controller that operates in Internal Mixer Mode. Some external mixers do also send MIDI signals to the software.

Thank you for your prompt response, @SupportTeam. I appreciate the clarification regarding the use of an external mixer like the Allen Heath Xone 23c with djay Pro. However, I’m still unclear about a couple of points and would appreciate further assistance:

  1. Given the response, does this mean I will not be able to use my Xone 23c mixer effectively with djay software?
  2. Regarding the Digital Vinyl System (DVS) functionality, I am trying to use the Allen Heath Xone 23c along with a Pioneer PLX-1000 turntable. Can you confirm whether this setup will work with the djay Pro software?

Could you please provide additional details on these matters? Thanks again for your help!

You’re welcome @castany006,

  1. You can absolutely use your external mixer with djay. However, instead of controlling the internal mixer of the software you are using the internal circuitry of your mixer. Then end result is basically the same, but you will not see the mixer controls in djay moving to match the positions shown on your mixer. Usually when DJs use an external mixer with DJ software they simply hide the software mixer controls.
  2. The Xone:23C is not on our list of DVS-compatible mixers for djay Pro on Mac:
  3. However, generally every USB audio mixer is compatible with djay Pro for Mac:
  4. Here is some more information regarding DVS setup for djay Pro on Mac:
    a. DVS

hello! I bought this mixer and I don’t regret a cent spent on it, the perfect sound! Super filters! Yes, it works as an external mixer with the program, but it does not interfere at all! 2. DVS should work too, when you buy a mixer, you get 2 wires in the box - which give you the opportunity to upgrade your mixer to the DVS function, since DVS is the standard, and DjayPro supports this function, I think everything should work. The only drawback is that to use the effects that are embedded in DjayPro, you will need another piece of hardware, but there is a huge amount to choose from, and you can always buy and use what is convenient for you. But the price is about 23C, this is the main thing when choosing, and I think this is the best that is on the market today. 23c is the best choice !

Thanks for the input @Tomas1. Really appreciated!

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DVS should work even though it’s not in the list.
Just configure the input and output channels matching, then you need to flip a switch on each channel to enable DVS (from analogue to digital). That’s it!

MIDI, I don’t believe the 23C has MIDI output at all, so this is working as expected.

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