Allen&heath Xone 23c

I want use my xone 23c as a DVS with 2x pioneer plx1000 connected to iPhone or iPad.
I want ask if someone use xone 23c and can tell me if it work with Djay pro?
Any advice for me ?

Should work in theory as it is class compliant. A&H are not clear on it though plus they recommend drivers for the Mac and don’t say a word about iOS.

The mixer is also relatively old so although it has been working on previous iOS versions I think you’ll only know for sure after trying. I’d recommend a good (powered) USB hub. :crossed_fingers:t3:

Hi, the A&H 43c is not working correctly on iPhone and iPad, so I assume the 23c is also problematic. But the PX5 is working perfectly fine, imo the best choice as an external mixer.

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Are you referring to the channel 2-3-4 issue with the 43c?

yes exactly, channels are not being routed correctly.

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Allen & Heath told me a couple years ago that a future firmware release would fix this, but that never happened. :-p

I talked to them and Algoriddim as well, there is no hope for a fix. But in the end the switch to the PX5 was totally worth it.

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Hi @Shell89,

Neither the Allen & Heath Xone:23C nor the Pioneer PLX-1000 is natively supported in djay for iOS.

I will, however, pass your inquiry along to our dev team as a hardware request for further consideration.

Have a nice day!