Allen&heath Xone 23c

I want use my xone 23c as a DVS with 2x pioneer plx1000 connected to iPhone or iPad.
I want ask if someone use xone 23c and can tell me if it work with Djay pro?
Any advice for me ?

Should work in theory as it is class compliant. A&H are not clear on it though plus they recommend drivers for the Mac and don’t say a word about iOS.

The mixer is also relatively old so although it has been working on previous iOS versions I think you’ll only know for sure after trying. I’d recommend a good (powered) USB hub. :crossed_fingers:t3:

Hi, the A&H 43c is not working correctly on iPhone and iPad, so I assume the 23c is also problematic. But the PX5 is working perfectly fine, imo the best choice as an external mixer.

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Are you referring to the channel 2-3-4 issue with the 43c?

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yes exactly, channels are not being routed correctly.

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Allen & Heath told me a couple years ago that a future firmware release would fix this, but that never happened. :-p

I talked to them and Algoriddim as well, there is no hope for a fix. But in the end the switch to the PX5 was totally worth it.

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Hi @Shell89,

Neither the Allen & Heath Xone:23C nor the Pioneer PLX-1000 is natively supported in djay for iOS.

I will, however, pass your inquiry along to our dev team as a hardware request for further consideration.

Have a nice day!

Hi, would you mind explaining what this issue is?

I’m currently trying to set up a PX5 with iOS (iPad) and I can’t seem to get it working and it seems to do something funny with the channels.

So, I’m wonder if the PX5 might have this same issue now.

But, what exactly is the issue you referred to?


The PX5 doesn’t suffer from this issue. What are your input and output routing settings in Algoriddim?

Thanks for your response. I now have everything working on the PX5!

I had never set something like this up and configuring which “channels” to use was tripping me up.

Now I realize that the “channels” that are being assigned in DJay are the USB Soundcard channels inside the PX5.

Once I tried every combination, it started to work. I wasn’t expecting to have to set channels 7&8 for instance because my mixer doesn’t have 7 or 8 channels, but now I understand that it’s a different type of “channel”.

Hopefully this can help someone else.

Algoriddim should definitely put a better tooltip inside the interface.

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