Allen -Heath Xone:DX not showing up as audio interface?

Allen -Heath Xone:DX not showing up as audio interface? It shows up in tractor and in the Apple Audio/Midi app except that in the audio/midi ap it’s grayed out. I download the up to date drivers. I’m still on Mountain Lion. Any one with one of these know what’s going on. Oh and by the way, the midi part of the XONE:DX works flawlessly along with lighted LED’s!

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When you connect the DX, is there a audio device window being displayed?

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Can you please send me you’re mapping for DX, because my midi fail every 5 minutes for no reason known to me, i like to try out if there is an midi problem or mapping problem…
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Hi Lukas, Yes,audio device window is diplayed, not as it should be but it is. I also can midi map, but after few minutes fail connection and i have to restart my Mac. Im running El Capitan and yes I have all latest drivers for Xone Dx instaled. I used Djay before with Denon 4000, Reloop and on iPad with Numark iDjay, with no problems at all. That is the reason i like this software, it is stabile. I can run Xone with Serato Itch and Traktor but i don’t like to work with both of them. I Play aprox 150 gigs per year , so i i like satbile software because i don’t have time to even think if something work or not…
So , if someone have a mapping for Xone dx i will be werry happy, and maybe then i will know where is the reason for connection fail…And yes, i try multiple USB cables, alwais the same…
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ok, i can midi map, but when i change audio routing, midi fail out… i try again, for fourth time…

Marko, have you had any luck getting this to work? I am looking at purchasing a Xone XD for Djay on the mac but I wont if you couldnt get midi mapping or audio routing to work properly. Thanks