Allen & Heath Xone:PX5 PLUS Xone:K2 supported on IOS?

I own an Allen & Heath Xone:PX5 and I am using DVS with DJAY on IOS (iPhone).

My plan is to control DJAY completely using Midi controls without touching the iPhone during a session at all. In order to get enough assignable control options, I am thinking about adidng a Xone.K2 controller via X-Link (not directly connected to iPhone) to my PX5.

Will that work with DJAY on IOS? Will i see the additional K2 controls ready to assign in DJAY to use while the external mixer is still the PX5? Or will the K2 be an optional “controller/mixer” in DJAY so i can use either PX5 OR K2, which is not what I want to do…

Any other Ideas on how i could reach that goal to use complete MIDI with my PX5 and DJAY?

I could be wrong, but I don’t think the K2 is going to be recognized by Djay on iOS if you connect it to the PX5 via X-Link. Maybe with macOS. You’re probably better off getting a camera connection kit with dual USB ports instead. I’ve used one to connect 2 MIDI controllers to my iPhone and iPad with no issues. Just make sure you buy a good quality one. I’ve bought cheap ones that simply won’t work with MIDI controllers. Unfortunately, Apple doesn’t make an official camera connection kit with 2 USB ports so you’ll have to find a good 3rd party supplier.

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Many thanks for the answer. So you had two controllers attached to DJAY IOS and were able to assign controls totally free and mixed from both? My fear was that I can choose one active controller in DJAY when i connect both and that I can only assign midi controls from that active controller.

In my setup all the channels and DVS would need to be routed to PX5, but some controls, like library navigation, load song, cue points, neural switch etc shouild be mapped to the K2 controller.

Regarding the adapter, I will be using another one, my plan is to connect the iphone to a bigger screeen with hdmi and screen mirroring. Works fine so far with px 5 only

@Javelin yes this is not a problem. With my iPad, I’ve even had 4 MIDI controllers connected at once and all working together fine. Djay will show you all connected MIDI controllers in MIDI Devices settings.


Hi @Javelin,

Thanks for posting to the community for the first time!

As @Slak_Jaw stated previously, it is a much safer option to connect multiple MIDI hardware options to your iOS device via a standard USB camera connection kit or hub of a similar kind.

djay for iOS will recognize multiple instances of class compliant external hardware that is fully programmable.

Have a wonderful day!

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If you want to go the X:Link way, that works too. The K2 itself won’t show up in the midi settings, BUT you can map it when you select the PX5 in the midi settings, because all K2 midi signals are now running through the PX5 and will be recognized (at least that is how it works with my 23C).
In my opinion, this is even the better way, because since both devices have an audio interface, djay might get confused over which audio interface to choose when both devices are connected directly via USB.

Hey Javelin - are you still successfully running the PX5 with iOS?

I’m trying to set up my PX5 with DVS on iOS (iPad) and I’m having a hell of time.

When I get to the calibration, it only recognizes one of my turntables and it seems to have the channels mixed up or something.

Just wondering if you’re still able to use this setup?

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