Allow user defined computer keyboard mappings

You have a midi learn function to allow users to map things to their controllers. However there is not a way to map things to the users computer keyboard. Not all GUI functions have mappings. i.e only 3 of 8 hit cues mapped. There maybe other things too that the user may want to define using their computer keyboard.

All I want is to be able to press a button to get to cue points 4-8 without having to buy a $600 USD Controller. As my controller is fairly basic I use keyboard shortcuts a lot. 1-3 are natively mapped to the computer keyboard. I know there are only so many keys but I wish you allowed some user define sequence.

Hi Daniel,

thank you very much for your post, we are sorry but at the moment the remapping of the midi keyboard is not implemented and we generally don’t talk about our future plans.

Meanwhile you could try to map your midi keyboard as midi device. There are several third party applications which are allow your Mac keyboard to be recognised as a mapable made device by djay Pro for the Mac.

Lukas E.