Alpha sorting differences between My Collection and Apple Music nodes.

When alpha sorting, the My Collection and Apple Music nodes do not sort the same way. The Apple Music node effectively removes “A” “The” etc from the string before it sorts.

“A flash gun…” is located in different places in the lists even though both lists are sorted by Title.

Also… A Quarter To Molly:

iOS does not seem to have this problem.

My 2cents: I want my lib be my lib…
If song is called “A My Song” then “A” should not be removed and for me it’s important character for sorting…

So… what is the song called in
Apple Music?

Which sorting option I would like to be follow in My Library? Hard to decide if all apps behaves differently

“A Song title” or “Song Title” ?

Note! There is a difference

  1. how the metadata “Title” is stored to each platform

  2. how each app (Tidal, Apple music) is showing and sorting the “Title” with or without “A”

  3. how the metadata “Title” is transferred from Apple database to client like djpro

1 and 3 should be the same, but might be different than 2

That’s it, thanks. There is a tag in Apple Music for Sort which I did not know existed.

(You didn’t specifically mention a tag for sorting but your post made me realize there may be one.)

Screenshot 2023-12-14 at 7.19.10 PM

Updating this fixed it in djay’s Apple Music node.

OR… should djay respect this tag?

Bug report turned enhancement request.