alphabetical confusion in DJAY

i just created a new playlist in itunes on my ipad.

for some reason this playlist, unlike all the others is NOT showing up in alphabetical order in DJAY. so i have every other playlist in alphabetical order when i go to search for playlists, but this one is down below “s” even though it starts with an “m” . have tried restarting the ipad to no avail…

funny thing is it shows up in the right place in the itunes/music app on the ipad and when connected to my computer - but just NOT in DJAY.

what’s up?!

Hi Julian,

Can you please upload screenshots showing the problem? Thanks.

You have probably already figured this out.

I had the same problem. I needed to go into iTunes on the PC and make sure the playlists were arranged in alphabetical order by title. Once that was sorted out I just resynced with my ipad and the problem was solved.