Already been played??

On djay 1 for iPad - how can I tell if a song has already been played in a set.

I have used djay on my MacBook Pro for several years. A check mark appears next to a song that has been played, and I see no such marker on djay 1. Is this an option in the djay 2 software?

My sets are sometimes 6 hours long, I play on the fly (meaning no set playlist), and there is a chance that I could accidentally repeat a song if I don’t have a marker on it. PLEASE HELP!!

PS: I play mostly punk and 60’s garage, so I’m not doing complex mixes and therefore don’t need the sophistication of djay Pro

Use the latest version of djay2 or pro. It has that function built in.

If you need to stay with djay1 for whatever reason, I think you would have to look at the history to see what you have already played (waste of time).

You can have both

Thanks so much!

I love the simple and organic interface of djay 1…so I’m curious if I can have both djay 1 and djay 2 on the same iPad at the same time. Or would 1 automatically be upgraded to 2?