Already have an account just can't get to login page where I type my email and passcode for old account

My account that I paid for was made over a year ago under the email address , I still remember my passcode and everything just would appreciate some help getting me to where I can login to my old account, your help in this would be greatly appreciated because I purchased them each a new I-pad and this dj app which they enjoyed greatly! My new email address is, I can be reached there by email or phone , # (407) 761-3650 my name is Brian , Thank You so much!

That won’t work for the new version. Need to re-buy it in the App store.
Unless you are talking about the iPad version… if that’s the case, log into the app store and re-download.

You can log in using your Apple ID directly at the App Store. You can re-download djay 2 here.