AmazonMusic & Amazon Prime Integration with djay

Similar to the integration of Spotify tracks, Amazon is a major company with a large market in cloud storage including music storage, and they are only getting bigger! AmazonMusic offers members the ability to upload their own music to the cloud and to pay for a yearly subscription to Amazon Prime Music (streaming music without adds).
The future of djing is leading to the cloud and therefore there needs to be more music cloud storage & access options for virtual dj controllers out there. As a dj myself, I presently own djay for MAC, but cannot wait to transition to djay for the iPad. With storage limitations on iPads and tables, cloud storage is the way to go!

Integrating with Amazon would give djay users access to MILLIONS of songs at their fingertips to use with djay.

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This is a great conversation that’s separate from the main one, so I created a new conversation to continue the discussion.

Please reference the new conversation here: iTunes Match

If I look into iTunes on my iPad or iPhone, I see a full list of all 7,000 tracks in my iTunes Match. Because of limited storage, I don’t keep tracks on my iOS devices, just stream them when needed. But it appears there’s a copy of the music directory on the local device, otherwise I would think the track list would load more slowly.

I would have thought dj2 could simply read the local directory list, let me pick the desired tracks, then play the selections - which would cause iTunes Match to download them. No?

The partnership with Spotify seems very one sided. They do not allow off line in djay like they do for their own app. If Amazon were to offer it it might be a big win and it might also make spotify think they are missing out and start to care about allow it.

So Amazon are now offering a Spotify style streaming service with Prime. Is there any intention for Algoriddim to incorporate this into Djay?

Just to echo what Sean is saying above, I would also love to see Algoriddim incorporate Amazon’s Prime Music.

same here Amazon Music integration please

Hey here it’s Spotify. Not Amazon.

Because when they ask to these company for a partnership, they want the exclusivity…

I’d really love to purchase DJay for Mac, but I will not until it supports Amazon Music & Prime.

OK, you answered this a year ago. What is the status of Amazon Music & Prime (they are two separate things BTW) integration?

Why must it be one or the other??

Any update on this?

Amazon is the party holding this back, just like Apple Music, they do not see DJs having access to their platform as worth their time as of yet.

Dear Algoriddim… Strong suggestion as a long-time fan (First met you at MacWorld Expo years and years ago): Please contact Amazon Music and sign a partnership agreement with them and support AT LEAST their users’ Music Libraries (I’m not referring to their Music Unlimited which is similar to Spotify/Pandora/Apple Music) but rather their Music Library customers such as myself who have uploaded our OWN, RARE, sometimes RIPPED as it’s not available in digital format, music. I’m a DJ and would like to DJ using my AMAZON MUSIC playlists and tracks… NO one is doing this apparently and do you know how many Amazon PRIME members there are?? The Amazon music library is unique and different than all the other me-too streaming services… Thank you for your consideration

I’m a amazon prime user also!!! I would absolutely be ecstatic if Algoriddium could bring amazon music to the dj pro software. Can we please get an answer???