An issue with the master gain/volume not doing anything until another gain knob is used?

Anybody having an issue with the master gain/volume not doing anything until another gain knob is used?

The deck giants work fine along with the headphone gain and cue mix, but the master gain doesn’t do anything until another gain knob is used. The weird thing is that you can see the master gain moving in the settings but no adjustment in volume is heard.

No issue before the update.

This is not quite the same as my problem. All the other faders work immediately, it’s only the master gain that doesn’t work straight away, you just have to move the master gain and then adjust another fader (deck 1 or 2 gain, headphone mix or headphone gain) and the master fader then goes to the setting you want.

The strange thing is that if you have the settings page open and adjust the master gain you can see the slider moving but no actual sound difference is heard.

Hopefully the guys can sort it out soon.

Great news. Looking forward to it.

Hi guys,

This bug is already fixed in the next update! It will be available before christmas!
We’re very sorry for the inconvenience and kindly ask for patience in the meantime!

Best Regards,

Hey there,

I’m glad to tell you, that the update is now online. Please download it from the App Store and check it out.
We’re very sorry for all the inconveniences caused by the last update.
Don’t hesitate to contact our Support-Team ( if there’s still something wrong with your app.


I have the same problem, onley with my iPad.
iPhone works perfect

The only way I can get the gain to work is moving the cross fader to the opposite deck and then the gain increases in volume…
But the gain doesn’t remember where the setting is and needs to be set every time you reload the track…this is with ipad 2 and idj pro
Never had this problem before updating