When browsing playlists, where it states the number of songs, I used to click on that and it bought up an analyse all songs selection, in the latest update (1.4.1) the analyse all is missing. It now shows ‘add all to queue’ and ‘remove all from queue’?

How to I analyse all songs in one go now?

Click on the down arrow, next to the number of songs. Analyze is the first option.

Ah, I see. Perhaps a reboot or a reinstall of the update will work for you.

That is a core process in the software, for it to be missing is quite strange. If it was being widely reported, then maybe a software issue.

Just to confirm, you are in the itunes section and not the search area, correct?

May I ask how you ONLY use Spotify at a professional event where wi-fi is not working well?

Seems like you are setting up for a disaster.

Hey there,

exactly like djmagicmoments said, it sounds like you are in the Spotify library. 

Edited: Mixed up two libraries, sorry for that.

In the Spotify library this was never possible, got that wrong, my apologies.

Lukas E.

Hi there,

sorry I got that wrong, this feature was not implemented prior the update nor in another version of djay Pro.

Lukas E.

I talked to our devs and looked it up, i think there might be a misunderstanding here.

I definitely don’t want you to look like an idiot. 

Can you remember which version you had before?
Also you are talking about the regular playlists which you attached to your Spotify account am I right?

Sorry to bother you.

Lukas E.

Thanks for the reply, but that’s the problem I’m having, as stated above, it does not have that option for me anymore, only ‘add all to queue’…?

Tried both, still not there…Can anyone from Algoriddim confirm if this is a problem & what I can do to fix it please.

Yes, I use Spotify, can you please add the feature back!! I’m used to having this, I understand adding features but removing them is confusing to say the least.
I only use Spotify not iTunes so taking this away is making the app worse IMO…

It was definitely implemented before, hence why I started this thread, I noticed it was missing and I had been using it for months…Why would have I asked this in the first place.
I feel like you’re now backtracking on the matter now and trying to make me look like an idiot!

You know it was there before and are now stating it wasn’t?

Please can you add the feature back.

Hi there,

Wondering what happened in the end to this thread. i also remember for certain being able to batch analyse my Spotify playlists. I used them quite extensively (for about a year every weekend) and would always start them analysing a few hours before my show as I would tether to my device and it was much faster to load tracks.

Will this feature be reimplemented?

Cheers :slight_smile:

EDIT: Found it!! Has been moved up to the ‘Library’ Menu up the top. If have your desired Spotify playlist selected on the screen and then go up to 'Library -> Analyse" it executes the same function as the old one that was located in the song count.