Analyzing files and copy Mac to iPad

Is there any way to analyze the entire collection of my DjayPro-Mac, copy it to my DjayPro-iPad, and that DjayPro-iPad does not re-analyze songs again?

DjayPro-ipad does not analyze some songs but with others it does it again.

What’s the trick?

Um…yes you do have to re-analyze them.

Beat grids don’t cloud, and if they’re wrong they have the user has to correct them on EACH device.

That is extremely frustrating and as of today I don’t have the patience to do that on The iPhone since it’s not capable of analyzing the entire library at once.

Super flaw on that.

This s the fundamental problem with the eco system.

A problem for years now and I hope it doesn’t continue with a major update.
Team I know you’re working hard and is appreciated.
This must not continue


I just created a video that proves that cues don’t even cloud properly.
At this point any cue points created on djay2 do not cloud to DjayPro 2018.
But they do vice versa.
I can send that video to you Lukas if you need to see it.
Denoizer. Try it, create a cue point on djay2, see if it shows up on the pro.

Hi denoizer,

You dont have to reanalyse all your files if you are using the same Apple ID and have iCloud Drive activated.

If that is the case your analysed files user data will be shared to your iPad.

Lukas E.