Android 5.0 + Djay2 + Reloop Beatpad Stuck/Freeze/Hang

Hi all!

When Im using Algoriddim Djay2 with my Android and plugging in my Reloop Beatpad I get some functionality (like using the slider and Play/Pause button respond on the Android). And I can load up a song, however the Turntable of the record does not spin nor does the song move/play when using waveform. You can however see the small dots on the outer rim of the turntable move. But overall the song doesn’t play. And sometimes Djay2 just hangs totally and then crashes.

Loading up a second song on the otherside does not always work and if it does the same situation applies here.

I’ve tried starting Djay2 first and plugging in Beatpad without having it on and vice versa. The best functionality is starting Djay2 first, having Beatpad off, then plugging in USB and then starting Beatpad. But I can’t get more functionalty than above.

Without using Reloop Beatpad, Djay2 runs fine on my Android.

My setup:

  1. Reloop Beatpad (Firmware v0.21)
  2. Samsung Galaxy S5 (Lollipop 5.0 fully updated, non-rooted)
  3. Algoriddim Djay2 (purchased version)
  4. OTG-cable that came with the Beatpad

Please help me! Im so desperate in starting to have fun Djing! I just bought all these (even the phone is brand new)…

My one thought is that Galaxy S5 also supports USB 3.0 with a different OTG-cable that is a bit bigger (having an extra USB-plug). But would it really make a difference? Since it also supports USB 2.0.

Thank you in advance.

Arvid Gustafsson

Hi all, I am having the same problem with android Samsung galaxy S5 & mine is with Beatpad 2 controller-! Can someone help please -? Is it a hardware problem—software problem-? Who should we contact —Reloop, Algorithms etc-?

Hi guys,

please contact our support via Each device needs to be handled separately which makes it the easiest way if each of you contact us in order to get your specialised support.

Sorry for the inconvenience.
Lukas E.

I have an LG G pad 8.3 with the identical problem. It is on 5.0.2

I suspect its a problem with that version. My G pad 7 on 5.1.1 works fine.

What version are your devices on? Did you ever get this resolved?

hello ,
I got the same problem one my HP 21 S tablet
android 4.4.2 jellybean , its so sad because unbelievable view
on the turntables one a screen 21’’ .
Macbook works perfect