Android app - headphones lagging / folder view reloading / empty automix

  • Device model (Motorola G54 Power):
  • Version of operating system (Android 13):
  • Version of djay (5.1.5):
  • Hardware/controllers used (Niceboy Hive Pins 3 ANC):

Summary of the issue:
Bluetooth headphones’ sound output from the app’s automix (within version unlocked for seven euros) feature and folder view respectively e.g. around 360 mp3 files inside… is laggy & choppy && delayed, plus the application often reloads to default with zero/no files open/preloaded… this is more likely to happen and/or occur when phone goes powersave/standby mode with dimmed/black screen.

How to reproduce the issue:
Use the app with this specific manufacturer’s model of phone and headphones.

PS: I shall be getting Android 14 OS upgrade release anytime soon & hope to mitigate the negative behavior this way.

Bluetooth has latency. It’s not a fault of the software. If you want to remove the latency, don’t use Bluetooth.


Thanks for prompt response, thought so, because it was the same scenario
with Niceboy Hive drops which are dated several years back in time. Only
Niceboy Raze Neon & JBL GO3 bt speakers work as intended. Xd :d

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