Android Bugs on Galaxy S7 and Idol 3

OK, so I love algoriddim’s products but djay for android, somehow never worked without any problems for me.

First of all, when I close the app after a DJ session, it NEVER saves the songs I played in the history tab.

2.The majority of my songs, when played through my music player (the built-in android one) have no clipping or distortion.When I load them into the app, most of them will make those weird noises, especially when beatmaching.

note:I’ve tried the same songs with an iPhone 6S and had no problems djaying with them

I’ve tried turning off the limiter and auto gain but didn’t change anything

3.BPM sometimes is not correct (ex.track 1 is 125 BPM , djay shows 120)

4.Recordings don’t show up in my device.I hit record inside the app,mix,stop it,exit the app,go into the djay folder but no luck.

5.LAG like a lot of lag and a bit of delay in the waveforms when playing as well as in the sound pack menu