Android devices do not work with DJAY


I have a Pioneer Wego2-K. Tried it with my Samsung TM520 and S4 (Android 5+, Cyanomodgen) and it does not work. Tried it directly (WeGo2 Powers up) and indirectly (via powered USB hub) but nothing works. OTG cable tested because USB keyboard are recognised by both devices. What can be the problem? I’ve updated the Wego2 to the latest firmware (1.03) btw.

I’ve tried it also with the ‘other Android dj app’ (cross dj) and that does not work either. I’ve tried both the free versions, do I need to buy them to get connectivity?


Hi Andre,

Your DDJ-WeGO2 does not work with your devices, because it’s not supported by djay. 
Note that there are only two controllers that are currently supported by djay for Android. These two controllers are the DDJ-WeGO3 by Pioneer and the Reloop Beatpad.
We kindly ask for understanding.


Thanks for the quick reply. I understand. I bought MixVibes CrossDJ, Just tested it and that app seems to be working :slight_smile: