(Android) Djay 2 disappeared (now Djay Free), what happened with my previous purchase?

So I had bought Djay 2 some time ago, today I found that it doesnt exist anymore and there is only this new “Djay Free”, do I have to buy it again, is my previous purchase lost?

Algoriddim stopped supporting djay 2 a couple of years ago now. So, even if you still had it on your device, it won’t have been updated to connect to SoundCloud, Tidal, Beatport, etc, now that Spotify no longer supports third-party DJ software.

When I moved to the new djay app on iOS, whilst djay 2 is still installed on my iPad, it prompted me to unlock some of its features for free, based on my djay 2 purchase. I don’t know if it needed the app on the device to detect this or not.

Hi, thanks for the answer. Just checket and Djay 2 was updated on january 27 this year, so it was discontinnued just a few months ago. I was able to download it from my purchase history and once done the new Djay Free got all functions unlocked (no prompt tho).

So for now it is fixed, thank you!

Hi @climas_interiores,

Welcome to the Algoriddim Community Forums and thanks for posting your question here. It looks like you found the solution already, but I did want to share a little more information with you.

With the newly released djay for Android (version 3.0), if you previously purchased an older version of djay (djay 2 or djay FREE), you are eligible for a free upgrade. For more information about how to access the upgrade, please visit our FAQ here:

I previously purchased an older version of djay (djay 2 or djay FREE). Am I eligible for an upgrade discount?

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