Android folder view & wasted cost on new controller

Hi im faily new, and was initially impressed with djay, searched its music folder played few cool tracks, I could also see ‘my folders’ and for one second did not think thats all I would be able to do “see them”!!! Bought a reloop-beatpad which to my knowledge only works with djay, and thats were the fun ends… for reason I can not work out the app lets you see your folders but when you click on them they totally blank!!! Useless as I can not find tracks in any kind of order as it’s just a list of 1000’s of tracks sat in “songs” they do play but I challenge anyone to make sense of this, I put them in folders as that’s what you do, clearly they are loadable but not from where you need them for any kind of efficency, ive no idea why reloop are aligned at all… i even tried the ‘queue’ as work arround but again going through a random list of 1000’s tracs in ‘songs’ takes for ever. … any suggestion s appreciated as my controller as such is now useless