Android phone and mixtour does not work?

Hey, I just got my reloop mixtour and I am trying to connect it with my OnePlus 8T phone, I get soud ot of it but it does not charge my phone and I can’t use the features of the mixtour with the djay app… :frowning:

I updated the firmware on the mixtour to the latest version and got the latest djay update.

What am I doing wrong and how do I get it to work?


Hi @Different_HumanToni,

So sorry to hear that you’ve been experiencing these issues between djay and your current setup!

Could you please answer the following questions so that I can better assist you?

  1. What Android version is running on your device?
  2. What djay version are you using?
  3. What adapter make/model are you using?
  4. What specific features of the Mixtour can’t you use with the djay app?

Looking forward to hearing back from you. Have a nice day!

Thanks for the fast reply,

  1. I use a OnePlus 8t running Oxygen OS13.1.
  2. I got the latest djay version form the play store, I bought the full version.
  3. I tried using the cable that was delivered with the unit and a USB a to USB c adapter, I also tried it with a UDG usb b to usb c cable. Both did not work. (Except from audio)
  4. in the app everything works fine, but on the mixtour itself I can’t use any feature like the faders or knobs. I just get sound trough from my phone to the master. (Master knob does not work also)

Hope this is the info you need :slight_smile:

You need to have a hub where you can plug a charger into it if you want your phone to charge

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Thanks for the reply,

Doesn’t that give noticable latency with a hub?

I thought the unit would/could provide power to my phone when plugged into a wall socket.
But that is not my biggest problem, My phone has a good battery life to make it through a gig so no charging is just an inconvenience…

My main problem is that my phone/the djay app cannot be controlled with the mixtour.

No, it does not cause any latency. Its no different to what you are using now, other than it charges your phone.

I’m not sure why your controller is not working. The mixtour is a natively supported device so should work to a certain degree. The only issue I know of is that the headphones don’t work on most android devices when using a controller.

Too bad, I’ve searched forums online and tried differend configurations with my phone and the mixtour but i can’t find a solution. I’ll probably return the mixtour and get something else…

Any follow up? I gave you the info you asked…

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As you’ve probably read by now, unfortunately Android is still hit and miss when it comes to audio stuff.

If you’re serious about this you’d probably be better off returning something else instead of the controller :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: or maybe get a cheap (second hand?) iPad or something. That combo is solid.

The midi function should work on android. I’ve used my reloop beatpad in conjunction with many different android devices and it has always worked flawlessly.

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