Android + Reloop mixtour : track selection doesn't work

I buy reloop mixtour and try it with djay 2 on android.
Almost everything is ok, but the track select encoder on reloop mixtour have no effect on djay: the app doesn’t browse songs list. Please solve .

This is very disappointing. Is it likely to be fixed in the future? Is it true of all android devices, including nexus (which are supposed to be fully supported)?

Hello Dev’s,

When does this get fixed?
It’s an incomplete experience this way, and also should be noted in the manual, so people can return their devices when they are not satisfied with this function missing.

It’s now that I’ve read your reply that i know it’s not the Mixtour itself, but a missing function.
I would have send it back for repairs if I didn’t read this thread!

Hi Save dev,

thank you for your post.

The Browsing function is not available for Android.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Lukas E.


We are aware of this issue, it is on our agenda.

Sorry for the inconvenience so far.

Lukas E.

Has this option been adding because it is not working on my Android Nvidia K1. I think a year worth of time is enough time to get this feature added. Please reply if i should return the mixtour and get a refund for my djay2 app?

Is there an update on this? I was considering purchasing mixtour but won’t purchase if track selection doesn’t work from the controller.

Hello. Until when can we expect a fix, so the track selection will work on android? I really want to purchase this device, as soon as this is fully functional.