Android Supported controllers

For Android, will you be supporting any other controllers besides Reloop Beatpad in the future? Thank you very much for the Android version, you guys rule!

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I’d love to see mixtrack series controllers supported for android…

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Hi! thanks for your reply.
I’m a newbie in djing or controllers, I think your software is amazing and very powerful but big controllers can be overwhelming for those of us that we’re still learning. That’s why I was thinking of something a little bit more affordable, and simpler, and not as professional as the beatpad. Either way, is it possible to have any other controller just as a controller and at the same time split the audio so one can pre-cue tracks using the reccommended splitter cable?

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Something simple like the numark iDJ Live or iDJ Live II or even the Pioneer DDJ-WeGO2.
Those would be great to have. I wouldn’t like to spend extra dollars on an iPad…

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Thank you again for a great product!

I’d love to use the Wego3 with Android as I’m using it already with an iPad.

We’ll be sure to consider it. Do you have any specific controllers in mind?

I hope you provide support for the vestax typhoon since its one of the best mid class controllers by vestax

My personal opinion would be the Reloop Terminal Mix 2, Terminal Mix 4 or the Pioneer DDJ Series. Pioneer DDJ-SB should be the 1st one, because it’s not so high-end as, let’s say, the DDJ-SZ.

Wego 2 here too. Would like to get an android tablet but wego is not supported :confused:

Ok, thanks a lot for the feedback, guys!

Would love to see the XW-DJ1 supported for Android.

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would it be easy to import pioneer ergo-v support for android? i bought the program because i thought it was compatible but it was only compatible for mac :< and i love the spotify implementation and for that dont want to change for another program. midi learn would be also awesome for community to crate own setups for non supported controllers.