Android tab wont work with djay and reloop buddy.

Unfortunately, even if you do get the reloop buddy to work with the android version of djay, you won’t be able to precue your music as the audio routing doesn’t work correctly.

This means that you won’t be able to hear anything through your headphones when you plug them in the headphone jack and the audio will only be directly routed to the audience via the rca output towards the back of the reloop buddy.

This obviously means that your current setup is useless for djaying regardless of whether you get the midi function working.

This problem has been around for about 2-3 years now and you can read about everyones expiences here Pre Cue Headphones doesn’t work on Android 10 USB-C with djay 3.0.4 and Reloop Mixtour. In all honesty, they should have stopped marketing these controllers as being android compatible years ago.

I would suggest that you only use the reloop buddy with a pc or return the device for a refund if it is still in warranty as the product has been mis-sold and cannot be used in conjunction with an android device.

I personally only have a tablet at hand and I have never been able to use my reloop beatpad. Disappointingly, my controller is a large expensive paper weight that just collects dust.

I believe they said that they tried connecting it several ways and with a power adapter.

“I have tried different ways of connecting the device, through odb pwr adapter and just via usb 2.0… but still nothing… pls help…”

But, there is none of these issues with ipad/ios?
So if i buy an ipad it will work?

I’m not sure about ipad as I don’t own one but I believe the issue is only present with android.

I have been in contact with the Algoriddim support team for some time now. Last time I heard from them was about 7 months ago where they basically told me that the headphone jack issue won’t be fixed and instead they were going to create a list of android devices that actually work properly with the controllers.

The chances of the controller working with your samsung devices are, in my opinion very slim. I have tested on a samsung note 10 plus, a samsung tab s7 plus, 3 different Sony xperia phones, a htc phone and the headphones have never worked on any of them.

At the end of the day, I don’t think anybody should be purchasing these controllers if they are looking to use them in conjunction with an android device. I also think that its wrong that Algoriddim still state that these controllers are natively supported with their software knowing full well that they don’t work correctly and haven’t done for sometime.

@Algoriddim staff

This is your final chance

I am reaching out and asking you what phone I should upgrade to. Ideally I would like it to meet the following criteria but at this stage, I’m open to any suggestions.

  1. I would like a current flagship phone (any brand, you choose)

  2. A reasonably large screen

  3. A powerful processor

  4. 8-12gb of ram

  5. Preferably 256gb to 512gb of storage but not essential

  6. Lastly but most importantly, multi-channel audio that will work with one of the following controllers

Pioneer DJ DDJ-200, DJ DDJ-WeGO4, Pioneer DDJ-WeGO3, Reloop Mixtour, Reloop Beatpad, Reloop Beatpad 2, Reloop Mixon4

@Alyx feel free to come out of hiding and share your opinions and ideas. It would be very much appreciated! :smiling_face:

Hi everyone,

Thank you for voicing your concerns as of recent. We greatly appreciate the feedback, and I’d like to reiterate a few points that we have previously made.

Connecting an Android device to your Reloop Buddy for control and playback:

Please note, in order to make a proper connection between your devices, you must first connect a USB-B (printer style) to USB-C adapter - like the one linked here - to the Reloop Buddy, and then you may connect your Android device to the USB-C adapter, and finally plug the adapter into a power source thus providing power to the Reloop Buddy and your Android device.

Pre-cueing audio via a controller on an Android device:

As we have stated in other threads, such as this one, we know that some users have experienced issues where their Android devices do not pre-cue appropriately due to an issue with multi-channel audio out. This is not an issue with djay but rather an issue with Android’s audio processing on specific devices.

Please note that the Android market houses a large assortment of devices that are often made with hardware not consistent in every region of the world. As an example, certain Samsung devices use Snapdragon SOCs in European and North American markets, even though they also use Exynos SOCs in Asian/Eastern markets. Even though these two processors have the same exact job, at the end of the day, they are still two different pieces of hardware that require firmware and software tailoring from their manufacturers.

For this oversimplified reason, we are not able to specify what devices may or may not behave as intended with djay at this time. This is not to say that we aren’t actively compiling which devices work as intended with djay. However, there are thousands upon thousands of different Android devices in various shapes and sizes, running different operating systems, using different hardware, some out of date and some not, which makes it difficult to test and vocalize native support for.

We understand your frustrations, and because of that, our teams have been exhausting all of the resources at their disposal, such as notifying Google, reaching out to affected vendors, testing various devices extensively, and making the appropriate updates on our end to try and alleviate whatever issues we can.

In closing, we ask that you all please respect our community guidelines and review your posts before submitting them to the thread in order to promote our vision of keeping the community a “Civilized Place for Public Discussion.” We will continue to update you regarding Android and its pre-cueing abilities as we go on. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Thank you for your response it is very much appreciated and believe me, I do mean that sincerely.

I think now it would be a good idea if people was aware of this information before they go out and purchase expensive equipment.

On google play it states that several pieces of hardware are natively supported but as you have stated above, this isn’t necessarily the case but there is no mention of that.

If I had of known that there was a good chance that the equipment I was purchasing wouldn’t work correctly with the android devices I own or have subsequently purchased to use in my particular setup, I would have been able to make better decisions. For instance I probably would have purchased an ipad rather than a Samsung tab s7.

I’m not overly familiar with iOS so I decided to stick with what I know and purchased an Android tablet pretty much with the intention to be solely used for djaying. Had I of known what I know now, I would have been willing to adapt and switch to iOS. It wouldn’t have been a huge problem and I’m sure, by now, I would be up and running.

I feel like this information should also be added to your website to potentially help others to make better decisions than I have made myself.

By the time that people end up on this forum asking why their headphones don’t work, its all a little bit too late.

This is essentially why I’ve been reduced to a ranting mess on this forum. I can assure you, I’m not normally like this, I’m a vey placid person. I just hate to see others making the same mistakes I made bearing in mind that we all know there are issues with android compatibility and have known about this for a long time.

It might also be worth noting that its probably not worth while for @Zero3one to purchase another adapter at $69 seeing as they have a Samsung fold and Samsung tablet.

Yes, it will probably get the midi side of things functioning but beyond that, they are still likely to run into the issue of not being able to precue through headphones.

I personally went out and purchased 3 adapters like this in a bid to get the headphones working with no luck.

To late for that, went out same day i got it and bought one as well $69 ish. So we are in the same boat mate :sweat_smile:

Good to hear you are adressing this issue.
Please update us as soon as you have tested a few android devices that will work like it should in this thread. So we dont have to wait for the completed list of all devices. I somt mind buying a tab, need a new one anyways, but i rather get a android one then a ios, since the rest of my gear is android…

Oh no :joy: yeah originally the Algoriddim support team thought that it was the adapter that was the issue so I didn’t have much choice but to go out and buy a couple more to completely rule that out as being the problem.

Have you at least managed to get the midi side of things working? That should work perfectly really.

If not, have you tried a more powerful phone charger? My phone chargers range from about 5 watts all the way up to 45 watts (Fast charger)

I’m just wondering if the reloop buddy isn’t getting enough power.

My controller has its own power supply so at least I haven’t had any problems in that area.

Stoped trying ever since i found out about the other issues. Seems rly no point if i can get midi working or not if i can’t dj properly :sweat_smile:
I have an old hercules controller that i can use with pc, so using that for now. Just liked the idea of doing it with a tab/phone. Seemed much easier, but now i doesn’t :rofl:

Well this is it, most people will be wanting to use a tablet in conjunction with a dj controller.

Samsung would be the obvious choice because they manufacture some nice high end devices. Nice screen, good processor/ram etc. But unfortunately they don’t support multi channel audio. So straight away, we can rule them out.

What other high end tablets are out there? I can think of a few budget to mid range ones. I think the budget ones would struggle a bit. Mid range might be okay, maybe the odd crash here and there.

It would be useful for just a few high end tablets to be tested really.

Yeah I know what you mean. I only ever djayed on my technics 1210s but decided I wanted to bring myself up to date and try some digital mixing.

It’s obviously a lot easier to get digital tracks rather than having to find them all on vinyl. Plus vinyl, decks and mixer weight a tonne so not ideal for transporting everywhere.

I tested a bunch of DJ apps and in all fairness, Algoriddims djay is the best app out there. I connot knock them there.

I decided I would continue using djay but thought it would be nice to have a larger screen so purchased a Tab S7 plus. I had already clocked that there were midi controllers available so this was exactly what i was going to be working towards.

I finally had enough money to purchase a controller and thought I was all set until I plugged everything in and there was no sound from the headphones.

I tested my other android devices too, none worked.

I assumed that either the controller or the usb hub was faulty. As you know, I purchased 3 more usb hubs and none of them worked. Just a nightmare really :laughing:

I think Asus does some powerfull tabs as well. If those work it would be nice. But other then that i dont know any other nice ones… Lenovo high ends one might be good as well.

Dude… found this info on another site trying to find a tab supporting multi chan. And you have plenty of adepters. See if this can work?

Ah yes, good shout. Forgot about Asus, they make some lovely gear

:laughing: looks very interesting if not quite complicated but worth a try

Life is complicated :grin::+1:

Okay, so I have found a workaround.

I believe some people are using splitters in order to get their tablets and phones working with their DJ controllers but my tablet doesn’t have a headphone jack.

I have recently discovered that split audio mode works even when connected to the controller.

With that in mind, I purchased some more leads and connectors off amazon and am still using split audio mode but at the controllers RCA output.

So I have an RCA lead plugged into the controller

At the other end, I have connected two of these splitters

I have then connected another RCA lead to one side. This then connects to your amp.

And on the other side, I have connected an RCA to headphone jack

Then plugged my headphones into the headphone jack.

You might end up with the master/precue back to front so just flip the RCA around at the controller.