Android: Track randomly jumps to beginning

Please fix this issue, it happens all the time! The djay 2 app on android is unusable. When a long track is played (eg. 1 hour length), the track randomly jumps from playing to the beginning of the track, and plays from there. At the same time, the visual of the turntable does not change - it appears to be at the old location, while in fact it jumped to the beginning of the track.

Very annyoing - please increase your effort with the Android app drastically and assign more ressources to android development!

Is there any workaround? I already deleted data and cache, but it does not help.

Maybe you need to switch to a more reliable mp3 decoder, that does not have issues playing long tracks? Every other player on Android plays my tracks flawlessly.

Hi guys,

concerning this issue.

Could you record an exemplary video and share it to us via

Also please let us know in which file format the affected tracks are in.

Note: Setup = Djay 2 on Android with the Reloop Mixtour.

It sounds like it’s not properly recognising long tracks. Must admit I’ve never tried to mix hour long tracks before. I’ll see if I have the same issue.

Could you do me a favour and confirm if double tapping still works for you on sliders etc? See my thread:…