Android version of DJAY on PC (emulator) since windows version is not great lol

Has anybody tried running DJAY on Bluestacks or Nox or any of those android to pc emulators?

There’s a windoze version? The android version is nowhere near as slick/supported as the MacOS/iOS version…if you’re looking to be “pro,” you have to start with the tools, because running an android emulator on a windows machine is asking for all sorts of trouble.
I’m running current djay pro AI on a decade old iMac under MacOS 10.15.x. - something along the lines of this and it’s rock solid. If you really need the comfort of MS, it can be dual-booted. But if you’re just funnin’ around, an android tablet works fine - that’s where I started

i was just posting to be nerdy :sweat_smile: but i wish they would spruce up the windows version a bit, its just been… stagnant lol

I wouldn’t hold my breath if I were you

Thanks for your feedback, @Timothy_Refile! We appreciate it… and please stay tuned for future updates to djay for Windows. :musical_note:

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