Android won't work, crashes

I purchased djay 2 last night and have yet to get it to work. When I load a song from a local library the song will load, stutter for a sec and then close back to the desktop.

Hi Joe,

Sorry to hear that.

* Which device do you have?
* Which Android version is running on your device?
* Which djay version are you using? Please tap the gear icon and scroll down to determine the version number.
* Do you also use Spotify? If yes, can you load Spotify songs properly in djay?

Does this happen with all your songs? What kind of songs do you have in your library? Also, is your device rooted?

What if you click on Automix > Start Automix?

I have the ZTE Majesty, Running android 4.1.2 and DJay 2.0.1

Edit: Additional requested information
I don’t use Spotify.

It’s not rooted and happens every time, I’ve tried 4 or 5 songs. I’m attempting to import mp3’s.

It launches the Automix menu allowing me to select transition style & duration as well as turn on auto-sync. (I was successfully able to navigate through each of these) From there I can start the Automix. After selecting Start It loads for a sec, stutters for 1/2 sec and crashes back to the desktop.

It’s been a week. Anything?