Animated Image Overlay

Image overlays for us wedding DJs is a way to put up a nice monogram of the clients names on our TVs during a set. It would be awesome if “Image Overlay” would allow for more media types like animated gifs or even just full on looping video files so we can animate the Monograms and still have the awesome Visulizer options in the background like we do when uploading a static PNG file.

Example of a Animated GIF file: Animated Monogram GIF

Example of a Looping Video Option: Looping Video Monogram

Much love. - DJ Logan in OKC, OK.

Have tou tried ios Live Photos?

I have not. At our company we only use the desktop version on Mac. Not sure how I would export an animated monogram from aftereffects. I have tried animated gifs and as of now they don’t work.

Live Photos is part of the Apple ecosystem. Try them on the Video Section screen, visualizer arrow. There are three options: visualizers, videos (which can play Loop style also) and Live Photos that play on a looped style.


This is the answer I use 30+ different colours of the same logo and it changes in tine to the beat.

Sounds awesome… but it does not work on MacOS also that only works per song. I would like to make this work with the middle monitor or the Master Monitor in the middle. So the animated gif/video keeps playing even after you change songs.

I think you should try again it works on my Mac and retains the photos when songs change. I have a video on twitch of DJ Pro sending the video output to a green screen.

Hey @SamJam! Thanks for your input. I want to utilize looping video monograms. Not images.