📣 ANNOUNCEMENT: Apple Music integration with djay!

Hi everyone,

We’re thrilled to bring you seamless integration with Apple Music across all your devices. Starting today, Apple Music integration in djay is available in 167 countries across iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple Vision Pro, Windows, and Android, bringing unparalleled music access to djay users around the world. Connect your Apple Music account directly within djay for immediate access to a catalog of over 100 million songs, including your personal library, in the cloud.

Top features of the Apple Music integration include:

• Over 100 Million Songs: Unleash your creativity with access to a vast catalog of songs.
• Seamless integration: Connect your Apple Music account with djay to access the full Apple Music catalog along with your personal music library stored in the cloud.
• Music Discovery: Explore and discover new music, and easily add new finds to your Apple Music library directly within djay.
• Listen Now and Charts: Access playlists based on your personal taste, as well as the latest chart hits.
• Match: Play recommendations based on the currently playing song
• Automix: Enjoy a seamless mix of your favorite playlist from Apple Music.
• Advanced Search Capabilities: Powerful search features to quickly find and mix your favorite tracks from Apple Music.
• Available on all your devices: Enjoy Apple Music integration in djay on all your devices, including Mac, iPad, iPhone, Apple Vision Pro, Windows, and Android.

If you haven’t subscribed to Apple Music yet, a special offer of up to 2 months of Apple Music for free is available to djay users (subject to territory availability and Offer Terms and Conditions available within the app).

Happy mixing!


If you haven’t subscribed to Apple Music yet, a special offer of up to 2 months of Apple Music for free is available to djay users (subject to territory availability and Offer Terms and Conditions available within the app).

That’s ^ something I didn’t see mentioned in the notification I got on my phone from the AppStore…

You need to upgrade to v5.1 :wink:

Bah, it’s only offering me one month free. :cry:

Done and dusted, yesterday actually.
Now I’m wondering about Apple Music. Mustvresearch audio formats

Amazing news! Big congrats to the Djay Pro team!!!
I’m super happy I decided to give this software a try when the Neural AI features were announced.
Feels like we’re riding the future of DJing…

how is the music Quality. I could not see any quality settings… but in general, works absolutely fine and smooth…

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From Apple Music In the Music app Apple Music subscriberscan access millions of tracks encoded using lossless audio compression.

Lossless compression is a form of compression that preserves all of the original data. Apple has developed its own lossless audio compression technology called Apple Lossless Audio Codec (ALAC). The entire Apple Music catalog is encoded using ALAC in resolutions ranging from 16-bit/44.1 kHz (CD Quality) up to 24-bit/192 kHz.


I know that in Apple Music app there is lossless Compression, but so far my feeling playing Apple Music with djay, the Quality is ok. but its just a feeling, am not the expert… my local music files sound better… for me DJ streaming is just casual djing (not recording and not neural) , so not having lossless in streaming Ould be ok for me, just to know what quality is offered…

If you had to pick one or the other, would you choose Apple Music or Tidal?
I currently own all my music and only have Tidal for the emergency requests so would be using Apple Music the same way…

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I agree. I have my music on local storage and was using tidal for requests. Seen as though our family is subscribed to Apple Music anyway, i may as well go with Apple Music. I do have SoundCloud and beatport as well as they of offer loads of options around underground dance music. Either way Djay Pro is rising up the software mountain.

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Hi. Has anyone has trouble signing in to Apple Music on the app? My Apple Music app is working fine on my iPad but when I click on sign in on the DJ AI Pro app it just keeps going back to the login page. I’ve checked all software is up to date which is it.

Can anyone help me?

Just a guess, but are you still logged into the Apple Music app and have it running when you try to log in though DJay Pro?

Hi. Yes I’m logged into it on my iPad but the app isn’t running whilst I’m trying to login on the DJ Pro app

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Does neural mix work with Apple Music?

Cheers, Bart.

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Nope it doesn’t work with neural mix. Not surprised by that though with Tidal.

I have been ripping CDs with Apple Music and now even with tracks I have downloaded locally to my iPad, I can’t use stems with music I’ve purchased. What gives?

You can’t use stems in music that you already own?

Not the ones downloaded from my music library.

tldr: Make sure you have “Local Music” selected.

Did you select the correct source? The introduction of Apple Music has given us a new music source “Apple Music” - any music in there won’t be able to play stems. Your local music should be in there but it should also be in “Local Music” - if you play it from there, no limitations should apply. Please see the screenshot for more clarity.